Dawn of the Bread

Slot machine test: dawn of the bread

If something in a slot machine can never missing, then maybe it is humor a good pinch. And it is there in the dawn of the bread slot in any case. The title is borrowed from a famous film of course and also this is about zombies. Zombies and bread. An interesting mix, but at the latest then make sense, if you open the machine. This is not but a game with rollers, but a kind of scratch. However, it is right that you need here three of the same symbols to win. You are buying a new card or a new lot you so at the beginning of a round and then click on the freshly baked loaves of bread, to see, what symbols you get. With a little luck, there are not only profits, but actually really good profits. The game is a product from the House of Quickfire and accordingly is the game to play also pretty liquid and has definitely times deserves a closer look.

You can find the CherryCasino and you try here just at dawn of the bread. There are real gains in real profits. A good deal of fun there, but even then, if you only play dawn of the bread for free.

Play Dawn of the Bread online now!

Play dawn of the bread

Because it is here not to reel, line, can be fairly easy to play dawn of the bread slots. To do so much more, as clicking on the loaves. But, because first of all a round so that you buy a card on the use of a tuned starts the series. You can adjust the in each round and he also determines what you can hope for you for profits. The winning lines are each connected with a multiplier. Thus, there are higher profits with higher usage.

After gekaufst you a new card, you can now uncover the nine loaves out of the oven. Behind it are hidden rather tasteless symbols that do not necessarily hungry. But that they should not also that when three of the same symbols appear, then there is a profit. You can see how much that will be, on the left side, because there is the payout table. Theoretically, it is also possible to have two WINS in the round. It is however rather unlikely.

Slot game symbols in the dawn of the bread online slot

With just six symbols the dawn of the bread maker game is actually a real lightweight, but so few symbols mean more chances to win. A doubling of profit is there with the cockroach. The essence of meelwurmartige leads to a factor of five. This is followed by a rat, a set of teeth, a few guts and an eye. The latter by a factor of 10,000. This is of course that the appearance of the symbols associated with the value. The higher income potential, more rarely occurs the icon. At least likely to. Because theoretically it can be also that just to get the highest profit with the first lot.

Slot machines instructions by dawn of the bread

Definitely Dawn of the Bread can be relatively easy to play. You start a round, by simply buying a new card with new breads. You then click on every single bread, to clear the symbols behind. Whether you play for real money prizes depends on whether you have you previously logged in to the slot machine Casino and load balances. But even then you could try out still dawn of the bread free.

Conclusion to the dawn of the bread test

No slot machine reel, for a game with lots of, that has a very interesting topic. Zombies then enjoy and when is there always some popularity, but in this case even the great combination with the food. You win here but not millions, but still large profits are possible.

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